Dianne Sharman Jenkins


2962 Golden Eagle Drive East
Tallahassee, Florida 32312



First I want to thank all the photographers and Chappie and Beth for posting our 40th reunion photos. They are great! Of course lots has happened in the last 45 years since graduation.

Joe and I have been married almost 39 years and have two great sons. Attached is a photo of us with one of our sons and his wife that was on our 2006 Christmas card.

Joe is a University of Miami graduate with masters in electrical engineering and is professionally registered in Florida.

We were married in 1968, moved to Orange County, California, then to Orlando, before settling in Tallahassee in 1971. Joe was director of the Florida Public Service Commission Electric and Gas Division before retiring in June 2006.

I have substituted in high school in both California and Florida and also taught Sunday school and was a den mother and little league coach's wife. I was also on the welcome committee of our Golden Eagle country club.

I graduated from FSU in 1966 and loved my college and sorority life. We play a lot of golf and I have been published in the Women's Club Florida Calendar for my flower shows.

Our oldest son is a partner with IBM in Manhattan and our youngest son is in charge of Camp David in Maryland. He has been to Iraq twice and is now a U.S. Navy Lt. Commander.

We are very happy and would love to see our classmates from Gables again- but this Memorial Day weekend we will not be available. Hope we are not too "old" for the 50th! We were members of the Coral Gables Country Club years ago and would love to see it after the remodeling.

You all have a wonderful time and we will be thinking of you. Be safe, healthy, and happy.

Dianne Sharman Jenkins