Billie Silver Brodsky


825 Summertree Lane
Wilmington, North Carolina 28412

Retired Legal Secretary

After graduation, I worked as an insurance secretary and also for the State of Florida Worker's Compensation Department, which introduced me to contacts which led me to a 30 year legal secretary career with the same lawyer. I was married in 1972, my daughter was born in 1974, but I was divorced when she was two years old. I had the opportunity to travel to Europe and travel by rail to Switzerland, German, and Luxembourg on one visit. I went again to England.

I worked in downtown Miami with the same attorney for several years and in 1980 took a leave of absence to take my then 5 year old daughter and go back to Europe for 7 months. We traveled by van to England, Scotland, France, Andorra, Spain and returned to live in South London for a few months where my daughter began school when she turned 6. We eventually returned home due to serious illness at home. My daughter retained some of her "English" accent and expressions for a while.

I became an avid photographer, was active in a local camera club, and actually got paid as assistant photographer at weddings and other functions. I even was a paid photographer for a Daytona 500 race one year! Photography remains my passion and now that I have retired, I hope to do more with it. I remarried in 1989 to a wonderful man. My daughter helped put herself through the first two years of college, working both full time and part time, and majoring in art design, marketing and advertising. Then she went to Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, for the last two years where she met her now husband. She was married in November 1999, they built their own home and are now living happily in Jacksonville, NC. My husband had quadruple by-pass surgery 6 years ago, which led us to re-evaluate our lifestyle and, in November 1997, we moved to Wilmington, NC. We are loving our life and our new town. It is filled with friendly people and lots of history. The small town is inspiring after living in large metropolitan areas most of our lives. My husband has two children who each have two children, which gives us grandchildren to dote on. We currently have five cats, the oldest of which is almost 23 years old! We are living in a small community about two miles from the Beach and each and every day we are reminded of how much we are enjoying our life.