Tiffany Small Shellnutt


1775 N. Walkers Mill Road
Griffin, Georgia 30223


Northwest/Delta Airlines-Ret

It just can't have been 50 years since I was last walking the halls of Gables High school---laughing and talking with all of you!!! But then as I pass by the mirror, I realize that much time has elapsed without me even realizing it.

After high school, I went to Florida State University, graduating with a BS in Education in 1966. I moved to Atlanta, 1968, and have been in and around the Atlanta area ever since. I began my airline career in 1970 with Southern Airways in reservations. It soon merged with North Central Airlines to become Republic airlines. Then Northwest Airlines bought Republic. It seemed as though the changes would never end. They actually didn't, because after I retired in 2002, Delta Airlines bought Northwest. But I was really lucky through all of the changes, I always maintained my job and my seniority.

I married my husband in 1975 in the beautiful chapel at Callaway Gardens, Georgia. That made me a step-mom to 5 beautiful children, which are all grown now, with beautiful children of their own.

In 2000, we moved to an 8 acre property in Griffin, Ga.which is at the very southern most part of Atlanta. That makes us part of a small town while living close enough to a big metropolitan area to take advantage of all its amenities if we would like. We really are happy here---as we can do gardening, and have all the dogs and cats we would like. All of our animals are strays, and each has its own story as to how it came to be one of our "zoo." At one time (when we were a lot younger) we had 11 dogs, 1 cat, 5 ferrets!!! Now, we are down to 5 dogs, and 1 cat---but that just goes to show how much old age has already set in on us. HA!

I wish I could be there with all of you at the 50th reunion, but I'll be there in spirit! YOU ALL HAVE FUN!!!!!!!