Lois Stoker Carpenter


15123 N. Little Spokane Drive
Spokane, Washington 99208




After graduating from Gables I went to FSU then got a masters degree at UF. Dick and I married in 1967 and spent 3 years in England with the AF. We zigzagged across the US for a few years then the AF sent us to Spokane, WA. We thought it would be for 3 years. Thirty six years later we're still here (still married after 44 years) and love the Northwest!

We have 2 children and six grandchildren (ages 2-10) who live in Seattle. I love being a grandma and being a part of their lives! In 2006 I joined Daughter Kristi's family in Spain. In 2008 Dick and I joined them in Buenos Aires. April, 2012 we will enjoy Hawaii together.

I retired from teaching Family and Consumer Science in 2002 and the next year became a professional machine quilter. I've always enjoyed being creative. My in-home business is Heart and Hands Machine Quilting.

Interesting travel experiences were to Russia (6 weeks), Gambell, AK in the Bering Sea (Presb. Mission trip), Kosovo (2009 and 2010 for 2 weddings).

In February, 2011 began chemo then radiation for breast cancer. With lots of encouragement and support from friends and family and a strong faith, I came through it fine and am back to 95% of my energy with a "normal/benign" pathology report in November.

Live is full and good!