Honey Ann Trautman Lindie-MacNeil


1080 Bayshore Drive
Englewood, Florida 34223-2305




After graduation, I attended MDCC and the Art Career School of Manhattan. I ended up doing nothing with my education. I married and was happily raising 5 sons and baking cookies. In 1972 we moved to Freeport, Bahamas where my first husband was the station manager for Delta Airlines. In 1974 we returned to the Miami area after my husband suffered a heart attack. When my husband became totally disabled after open heart surgery, I started working for The Fort Lauderdale Fire Department in 1978 as a fire fighter, one of the first female fire fighters to be hired. I became a Paramedic in 1982 but never used those skills. My husband had several more surgeries but died of a massive heart attack in July 1983.

In November 1983, I became the first female Driver-Engineer in the state and one of only a handful in the country. In 1986, Bruce, a Ft. Lauderdale fire Lieutenant, and I combined our families. We now had 6 sons and one daughter. We stayed on different 24 hour shifts through out the rest of our careers; we knew better than to leave our teenagers alone for 24 hours....think of the parties! In 1992 we adopted the best friend (Jessica) of our daughter so now there were 8. In 1996, Jessica was married at our home in Davie and I delivered her baby (our 3rd grandchild at the time) in December of 1998.

I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in September 1988 and again went to school to certify as a Paramedic and retained the rank of Lt./Paramedic on a fire engine until my retirement in February of 2000 one day before Bruce retired; combined we had 49 years of service.

Since then we moved to West Palm Beach, back to Davie and since Bruce retired from his 2nd fire department, we have moved to the west coast of Florida. This place is amazing and we both love it here. I'm into playing at being a painter and photographer. We make short trips to visit our kids and the 11 grandchildren scattered throughout Florida, North Carolina and southern California. Our dream of traveling by RV again are on hold as Bruce's mom lives with us.

I Look forward to seeing old friends and making new friends!