Tony Wasserman




Professor, Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley

After graduating from Gables, I went to the University of California, Berkeley, just in time for the Free Speech Movement, then went on to the University of Wisconsin - Madison for graduate degrees in computer sciences. I've spent my whole career working with software, both in academia and industry.

In the 80's, I was founder and CEO of a moderately successful software startup, which was one of the first 100 dotcoms. Before that, I was a University of California professor (in computer science) for about 15 years. I was subsequently VP of Engineering for another dotcom company that failed, and then the leader of an engineering team at Bluestone Software that created some of the first applications to run on mobile phones (in 2000). In 2005, I joined Carnegie Mellon University's Silicon Valley campus, where I created our Software Management Master's program, aimed at helping software developers learn about the software business. There, I teach courses on open source software, cloud computing, and software product strategy. I also spend some time advising entrepreneurs with their startups. I'm having a good time, and have no immediate plans to retire.

I've had the opportunity to travel widely, and have been to almost 60 countries. My hobbies include running, bicycling, and photography. I post many of my photos on my Flickr page or as links to my Twitter feed or Google+ posts.

My wife Susan and I have two children: Mark and Michelle. Mark and his wife have two kids, ages 7 and 3. Our family has lived in San Francisco for 40 years. I look forward to returning to Coral Gables for our 50th Reunion, and am even giving up our local celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge here in San Francisco the same weekend.