Judy Widdersheim Bloom


1943 Blue Sage Lane
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

303 663-2901


Real Estate Broker

How wonderful it shall be to see you all in just a few short weeks!!! I am really looking forward to all of us being together again. I wish my husband Gordon were going to be with me, but he is consulting at the Space Command Center in Colorado Springs (top secret) and won't be able to attend the reunion with me. So I guess I can act wild and crazy, of course nothing new for me, and he would be disappointed if I acted any differently!!

The last 40 years: I attended Miami Dade then on to Shorter College in Rome, Georgia. I received my B.A. in Elementary Ed K-9. Several of us rented a townhome in Atlanta and began our teaching careers. I taught third grade in Powder Springs, GA. My third year teaching I was honored with Outstanding Teacher of the Year. I taught for six years and also married during that time.

In 1974, we moved to Pickens, S.C. and I continued to teach but this time to troubled and abused children. They were wonderful and I was the one who learned the most. They were starving for recognition, self-worth, and self-esteem. They all had talents deep within and once they realized just how important and great they were, they truly became my most accomplished class. Many are quite successful today. Also, at that time, I was involved with numerous community groups, clubs and social events. I was fortunate to be awarded Outstanding Young Women of America.

In 1977, After losing two baby girls, Brad Michael was placed in my arms. He was one day old and the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. In 1985, divorced, Brad and I and our three dogs moved to Denver, Colorado, Littleton, to be exact. My father and mother, Dr. Jack and Nikki Widdersheim, plus my sister Linda and her husband Jim and their two children live in Littleton.

In October of 1985, I met and married the man of my dreams!! Lt. Col Gordon Bloom. Air Force, fighter pilot, 3 tours Viet Nam, forward air control, advisor to the Vietnamese Air Force, and graduate of V.M.I. in Virginia, Gordon was Head of Safety for Lockheed Martin. We have two children. At the time we married, Brad was seven and Jennifer four.

I became a real estate broker and have been for 17 years. I have been awarded top producer, #1Realtor of the Year, Presidents Club, Top Women in Real Estate, Prestige Club, etc. I have truly enjoyed my profession. At the end of this year, I shall turn all clients over to a partner and begin visiting young people in prison. Hopefully to help them know how special they are and the fact that they have the power from within to be all that they desire.