Danny Williams


736 12th Avenue East
Seattle, Washington 98102



Daniel Williams, Architect

I have been a practicing Architect and Urban and Regional Planner for 27 years. In 1998 I was invested as a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects which was a major professional and personal accomplishment. Next year (2003) I will chair the AIA Committee on the Environment where I have been active in the development of the National Energy Policy. We moved to Seattle in 1999 where Patti practices law and our kids (as you may recall, we won "the youngest child award" at the last reunion) are great - Max plays the sax and Megan the violin - both excellent in school. We are building a house on a beautiful, sloped site in Seattle where we will be able to watch the sunrise over the Cascade Mountains and Lake Washington. Oh! my Harley has 67 miles on it.