Dee Williams Halligan


4743-I Hedgemore Drive
Charlotte, NC 28209


Antiques Dealer/ Reiki Therapist

After over 30 years living in Boston suburbs,(North Shore and southern NH),where I was a realtor, college administrator, and antiques dealer, I divorced my ex-husband in 1995, but stayed connected till we sold our NH home in 2001. Life has been incredibly challenging, but also blessed on many levels (esp. with great friends) Having lived in Charlotte since 9/2002, life has taken many turns. Loved my work (as Assistant Registrar) at The Art Institute of Charlotte from 2002-2004, but had to leave due to health issues. Have been seeking and receiving treatment lately, and am working to regain full health to really enjoy our 45th! My daughter, Heather Elizabeth, now 32, moved to join me here in 9/04...(proven to be a double-edged sword, but that's another book.) She's with Bank of America and her professional life is doing well. I have traveled back to NH at least once a year to stay in touch with great friends there,and play with my antiques biz, when healthy enough to do so. Also enjoyed glorious 'mini-reunion' with friends last December (thanks to Timi's great hospitality and friends taking time from busy schedules to 'show up' was a magical time. Still working on my 'great American novel', this could be the year it actually happens! Have become involved with Reiki Energy Therapy, (an ancient Oriental healing practice) which has helped me considerably and I am now practicing as an independent practioner for others in need of complementary treatment to augment traditional medical procedures.(It is an energy transference process, either hands-on or hands-above client, balancing body energy and enhancing healing.)I am thrilled and grateful that our 'crack' reunion committee has come up with such great plans for the Memorial Day wkend and can't wait to see all my old friends there!