Susan Worley Traynor


52 West Brookhaven Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30319

Residental Realtor

We are looking forward to being down for the reunion. Y'all are also marvelous to be doing all of this. Hard to believe-40 years! Anyway, here is some of the bio- Husband-Chip Traynor, Navy brat, home base, Pensacola, Fla., graduated from FSU just before I did. We did not meet until we came to Atlanta-married almost 32 years. He is with Solomon Smith Barney, formerly Robinson-Humphrey, Co. We have been in Atlanta, except for a five year sabbatical in Pensacola, where we developed a resort condominium, Eden, just to have a different experience. We have three children-Kelly T. Moulton, 28, stock broker with SSB also. Katie Traynor, 25, asst.interior designer with Mariette Himes Gomez in NYC, and Tray, 23, December graduate from UGA. currently studying for his Series Seven-the test one must pass to be a NYSE stock broker. I have been with Harry Norman Realtors in residential real estate and have been involved with teaching/facilitating women's Bible studies for about the past twelve years. Mom and Dad still live in the Gables, ages 83 and 84 and Mom still plays golf and bridge at the Riviera. My brother, Hayes Worley, lives in Pinecrest with his wife and two daughters.