Barbara Zgodzinski Moore


4120 Swift Road
Sarasota, FL 34231


RN - Retired

Well after high school I attended Florida State University and graduated with a BSN. I then went to work at Shands Medical Center at the University of Florida, where I became the Head Nurse of the Neonatal Unit. While at the University of Florida I met Marcus Moore and married Marcus in 1971 and then moved to Sarasota. I have lived in Sarasota ever since. I went to work at Sarasota Memorial Hospital where I held many different positions from Supervisor,Head Nurse, Educator, and Clinical Manager. During this time I also went back to school at the University of South Florida for my Masters Degree.

Marcus and I did extensive traveling before we decided to have two children. Our daughter Elizabeth was born in 1979 and our son Marcus the III was born in 1980. Both attended and graduated from the University of Florida. They both reside in Gainesville. My daughter works for the Veterinary Institute of Gainesville. She is an avid sports fan and regularly attends any and all sports events at the University of Florida. My son is currently back in school. After graduation he worked in the research field and obtained his Masters in Research Adminstration. His goal is to run Clinical Trial Studies. He also got married to a wonderful woman in October of 2011, who he met in Gainesville. Her name is JoCynda and she works full time for the University and is also going to school for her PH.D. in Education.

Unfortunately my husband died unexpectedly in 2001. I continued to work until July of 2006 when I retired after 35 years at Sarasota Memorial. Since then I have traveled extensively and also volunteer for a non-profit Community Pharmacy where we help uninsured clients get their medications at low or no cost. Inaddition, I also volunteer for the Hospital and the Humane Society at times. I am looking forward to the reunion and seeing the changes that have occurred in Coral Gables since I have not been to the area for several years.