Ella Zittrer Rosen


P.O. Box 1804
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35403



Speech-language pathologist

After graduation, I attended the University of Florida and graduated with a degree in Speech Therapy. I received a Master's degree from Florida State University in Deaf Education.

In 1970, I moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama where my ex-husband taught at the University of Alabama. I received a Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Alabama in 1986. I have just retired (again) from the University of Alabama. (By the way, the tornado, although devasting for much of the city, spared my house. Some of my friends' houses were destroyed but they are okay). I am thinking of moving back to Florida.

I just returned from a professional trip to China and Tibet where we met with Chinese audiologists and speech-language pathologists in addition to doing the tourist things. The trip was awesome.

I have two sons (in their 30's). Charles, my older son, is a mechanical engineer and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. David is a program auditor for an electronic healthcare system company in Birmingham, Alabama. I currently live with my dog, Tami, a mostly basenji and whatever jumped the fence.

I hope to attend the 2012 reunion. It's nice to be in touch.